Face Mask

Face Mask

When I first thought of the Face Mask assignment I thought about two potential option. I decided to a create my favorite movie I use to watch as child , Star Troopers. I wanted to make the mask my own design instead of copying the original from the movie. I added in a design of Kano , Mortal Kombat Character, to give my mask an evil look. I use perspectives in my face mask to show certain sections to make it look good from different angles, as you can see from the one eye to the mouth. Containment is another element I used in my face mask where the mask design had to fit my face. This goes hand in hand with DMA where we are learning how to create a 3D model with the Bristol board and pieces of tape. We are introduced to the simple version of 3D modeling. Entering to Foundation my very first day to now, I have improved from a mediocre student to a casual participant. Each class session, I have been given baby steps to becoming a strong artist and viewing space and form in different In aspects of an object. Professor Connie sees potential in me as an artist to further grow as a strong artist where I can manipulate people heart through my craft. The opportunity I had in foundation I wouldn’t think i’ll get it from any other school. Professor Connie mold us to become intrinsic students where we don’t only have to care about the grade we get, but acquire new skills to implement in our everyday life.


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