mo-phenakistoscope mo-phenakistoscope2-0


The Phenakistoscope creates an illusion of motion. I wanted to create an image of how a human body reacts in a stressful situation. This phenakistoscope consist three principles of animation. Squash and Stretch is shown in the first layer with the hearts. The illustration of the heart shows a sense where you know when it will get smaller, medium and larger. Anticipation stages the pattern and the rhythm of the way it flows through each of the frames. In addition, I wanted to make eyes, in the second layer, appear more realistic as it is looking from one way to another. Lastly, Pose to Pose shows in-between frame of the movement from the heart to time. I wanted to show emphasis the effects of time, you either think time wasting or time flying by making you feel nervous/anxious.

One of the final final project showed my growth as an artist from drawing a self portrait to creating an illusion of action on a Mat board. Earlier in the school year, I was skeptical on breaking out of my comfort zone on knowing what to draw , learning how to draw and going further on about the breakdown between space and form. However, the Phenakistoscope help me use tactics from my other class such as Survey of Animation where I learned how to incorporate squash and stretch and other principle of animation in this assignment. This project also taught me the concept of looping where the movement repeats itself continuously without ending.




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