Self Portrait In Color


Self Portrait In Color

Intro: Colors; something in which we have a tendency to symbolize in connection to our emotions. They each have a meaning behind it that can both be positive or negative. However, it is how society perceives these colors that gives it their meaning and uniqueness. With this uniqueness, is our ability to choose a color that can fit both our emotional, spiritual, and physical traits. Thus, making certain colors favorable over others and making us who we are as individuals.

Gray— Like Red, gray is also a complicated color. With a mix of black and white, gray is neutral. It can mean both powerful like Red, yet subtle in a sophisticated way like Black. This is why I chose the color Gray. Gray represents my intelligence, dignity, and my wisdom. With it being mixed, it represents how I am able to adapt to the situation I am in. It also shows how indecisive I can be when figuring out certain things, such as which food to eat, or what color of the same shoes should I buy?

Black— Elegance, Mystery, Death, Evil. Some of which are associated with the color Black. Black is a symbol of grief, and can be viewed as a color of the unknown. I am black. Black is me. It proves how sophisticated I can be yet mysterious in a way. Like red, it shows my strength and seductive personality. In connection to the color green, seeing that I am a person of the Islamic Faith, there is the belief of endings and beginnings and that’s what Black portrays.

Red— The color of rage, war, blood, strength, power. The color of love, courage, and energy. Red is one of the most important colors that requires the mind to be in moderation. For those that inquire this color, there must be a balance. For, red may be basic on the surface but has a lot going on internally. One may see the color Red as anger and dominance, while other might see it from a positive point of view. It is the emotions this color gives out to one that determines it meaning to the person itself. This color represents me in more ways than one. I deliver to the world my strength, and with that the demand of attention. You can see this in me from the way I walk, to the way I talk. I give off an energy that can both be intimidating and powerful. This is why Red is one of the most complicated colors I can use to represent me.

Green—The color of Mother Nature. When we think of Mother Nature, we think of regrowth and renewal. However, the one thing about me that brings out the representation of these words is the fact that I am a person of the Islamic faith. As a Muslim, I have to always seek knowledge, value intelligence, fairness, and justice, and be a problem solver. That’s one of the many things about Green that I love. The symbolization of Green interacts with me being a Muslim and myself as a whole.


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