The Chair



The use of value changes In conjunction with atmospheric perspective allowed the viewers to feel like there was distance and depth in the art work. As you take a look down from the left side across from the chair cushion, it recedes back to the paper to show the depth of the chair. It is darker in the front because of the angle I was standing at. As you look down to the left that one corner of the cloth is draw out closer to the viewers because it was shaded with darker tones to bring it out farther.

I learned how to utilize and make correct proportions because of the perspective project we were give. Because of the “Chair”, I was able to measure out and slowly draw something that is proportionally correct in the field where I can be correct and draw more realistically to the real object. This went hand to hand with my Visual Communication course where we learned about different type of perspectives. This would be a great example of a Two-Point perspective where it starts at one point and gently goes out in two directions.

I did not know I was able to draw the distance of an actual chair. Nor capable or have the potential of drawing a chair. The process of shading a three-dimensional chair where you can see the different blend of dark, light and medium tones helping me present a monochromic chair right on paper. What made the chair more complicated was that there was a cloth right over the chair. However, this project taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try new ways to enhance my ability in Foundation. This project taught me patience and not trying to get things done quickly as you can. In addition to taking my time and counting the lines on the cloth and making your art work real. This project was to get a full understanding distortion form in space. If there is anything I would change about my piece it would be spending more time on my chair to get a better quality of what I want. I can tell I have been improving since August, however in order to get where I want to be I have devote my time on my work and minimize my social life.



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