Color Pallets

Color Pallets

Color Pallets

The image you see above are 6×6 color pallets. Color Pallets are color schemes that extends behind the actual color. “Blood Flow” shows he different shades of red our blood go through if you take a closer look at them, they are not just one color red. “Sunset Over The Sea” display incredible color we see over the sea when the sunset. These play of colors compliment one another as we see them flow through one another in the sky.

The color scheme of the “Blood Flow” is a monochrome in a value of the color Red. The change in tone from dark to light also change the hue. It’s important to realize that tones are relative, that how dark or light they seem depends on what’s going in the color. Hues produce variety of shades where the color may look the same but pigment is different. The hues tells the contrast in value from black to white. As you take a look at “Blood Flow” , you can see monochrome color scheme from dark red to light red. The tint and shade of the “Blood Flow” shows different varieties of the color red.

The color scheme of the “Sunset Over The Sea” is a tetradic. If you notice the colors of “Sunset over the sea”, you can notice the balance between warm and cool colors in your design. Tetradic color are made up of complements it tends to be a very vibrant in the color schemes. Tetradic color scheme falls between the the primaries and secondaries.  This scheme is hard to harmonize where it may unbalanced because offers more color variety than any other scheme.


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