Brian Murphy Write up


Turkish Oil Wrestling


Turkish Oil Wrestling


Turkish Oil Wrestling


Recorded American Wrestling


Foreign Dance

Brian Murphy joined us for an anaglyph display in the Llewellyn Gallery. Murphy exhibit three big pieces are public speckles to draw crowd to gain their attention. Turkey Oil Wrestling piece , Murphy worked with frame by frame to display an open structure that gives shape and support to the images. Murphy enjoys working in the moment within the single frame. The artist is very creative using anaglyph to display more 3D effect achieved by means of encrypting each eye’s image using filters of different colors. The images contains two different filtered color, one for each eye. Hence to why we wore 3D glasses to look at the aspects of the images more clearly. Without the 3D glasses, the images would have a very strange sight and may appear to look fuzzy or out of focus. Anaglyph 3D videos explores possession and fabrication of conflict using sound , video and archive films.

What I found unique about Murphys work is he use his DNA in one of his work. Murphy use sequence part of his DNA to make music with chain of letters , using information to effect the original, process and current process of his DNA. I find this fascinating because he use his genes and incorporating it in his work. Murphy use voltage control to tap with the signal in his piece. Adding in the sound of the voltage lifts the piece.



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