Mario Prisco Gallery Write Up

Art is a form that many use as an outlet of self expression without judgement. An art gallery is an environment where people view artist’s work and experience life in the artist’s point of view. Anyone can relate to the emotions artist try to reflect onto their paintings. Mario Prisco’s exhibit titled Observed and Imagined: Works on Paper, was in Alfred’s “Cohen Gallery”. His displays show fascinating aspects through lines and abstract drawings.

Mario Prisco work that was featured in Alfred’s “Cohen Gallery” consisted of many gesture drawings and imaginary landscapes. He used watercolor on paper to emphasize the detail of his lines. The representation color and details in lines shows a unique flow created by blending the two together. This allowed the lines to stand out and portray emotion in his painting. The art gallery showed two section of his work. One with gesture drawing of a women figure and the other of abstract landscapes.

A gesture drawing is a laying in of the action, form, and pose of a figure. Gesture drawings captures the essence of a subject in a distill form. Mario Prisco gesture drawing incorporates movement ,expression,emotion and action all together in one cohesive motion. The gesture drawing of the females figures, Mario Prisco wants his audience to pay close attention to a figure specific contour. “Untitled 9”gives a great example where Prisco successfully capture every outline and natural shape of the human body. The arc of the thighs curve and the angle of an elbow display an important detail through the shading of the figure. The figures are stretch out in a dramatic pose. Many lines are used to create the appearance of a shadow to give the drawing more of a realistic look.

Mario Prisco work on the “Imagined Landscapes”, which was created using watercolors to complement through the variety of shapes. Prisco wants to give the audience a sense of direction when you are taking a look at his piece. The “Imaginary Landscape” collection is a part of his watercolor series, in which he use the watercolors to show multiple perspectives through bold colors. These are also abstract landscapes, showing off his mediums and styles to make a strange landscape, his “Imaginary Landscapes”fill viewers with question than set of logical scenes.

Alfred’s “Cohen Gallery” featured a few works of Mario Prisco and the importance of lines. Without lines there will be no shapes, this will defeat the purpose of relationship between space and form. Prisco is one of many artist who demonstrate an understanding of the basic geometric form.


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