Lotte Reiniger & StoryBoard


Storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

Storyboard 2


Lotte Reiniger was a German film director and the pioneer of silhouette animation. Touched by Chinese silhouette puppetry, Reiniger was specialized in silhouette animation and invented a technique which involved cutting out sheets of lead and cardboard and animating them frame by frame under a camera to create a filmed scene. “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” shows a great example of her work. Combining stop motion cinematography and aesthetic silhouette creates spectacular play. Her work is unique where she tells a story through the silhouette figures. Lotte defined a form of animation where she use specific animation technique that no one has use thus far. Her style of using silhouette leaves more room to complete the scene with our own imagination. In all of her films, including “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”, Reiniger use abstract shapes and incredible transformation that you won’t see in live action. Reiniger mostly came up with ideas at her own home on her small desk, shown in the image below with her husband Carl Koch.  


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