Illuminated Name/ Initial & Write Up

Illustrated Name

Illustrated Name/ Initial


     The principle element shown in my artwork is a linear perspective. The motion of the runner shows where his destination is heading to. I created a two point perspective image to change the movement of the audience eyes to not only see where the runner is aiming off to but the environment that is around him. Texture is another component of my project. The blend of the colors in the sky and the gate shows the unification of the color complimenting one another. Finally, I use the Gestalt principle element of containment. This element shows the runner only focusing on his path despite the obstacle in his way. In addition to showing the smooth path of the track.

When I first sketched my illuminated name I quickly had an idea to just create my nickname as standard two dimensional piece. After the first critique, my classmates thought it would be great to make a linear perspective of my name to tell a story behind it. I had a thought to incorporate my Linear Day project with my illuminated name to enhance the idea of the silhouette runner from a different perspective. After the ink project, where I use black micron pen to outline my name, Professor Connie suggest us to use watercolors to our illuminated name. Using watercolors in my project, I slowly became satisfied with what I wanted my name to look like. The last version of my illuminated name, I used Adobe Photoshop  to insert varieties of images to show a smooth composition and strong influence of the Book of Kells.

  Before DMA, I had little to no skill with creativity and art. However, after two months i’m slowly starting to see progress on what I am capable of doing in the course. The reason why we did this project was to show what we have learn thus far in the course.The illuminated name gave us an opportunity to use the skills I learned from Visual Communication and Digital Foundation with Adobe Photoshop. Also including watercolors with an Adobe software help create and understand art as one. In addition to telling our story through imagery. Learning about the Book of Kells and seeing the different designs on each illuminated manuscript; DMA helped me get my storytelling out through art and animation to keep it straight forward. Despite the tough criticism, DMA increase our complexity to creating more than what we think we can do.


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