Abstract Animation & Write Up

Vimeo Link :https://vimeo.com/186343757

Coming up with ideas of what I want to animate was the difficult part of this project. Constantly changing ideas midway and redoing my design made me take a new approach on what I want to animate. Achieving and communicating this concept gave me an opportunity to demonstrate a strong motion of abstract animation. I researched Walter Ruttmann, who was born in Frankfurt am Main; he studied architecture and painting and worked as a graphic designer. His film career began in the early 1920s. I examined one of his earliest film called “Licht spiel Opus 1,2,3,4 -The first abstract film screened publicly”. The film was published on April 27, 1921, showing new forms of film expression, and the influence of these early abstract films can be seen in some of the early work of Oskar Fischinger. The Licht Spiel film had shapes moving from one direction to another. I try to emulate his work with my own abstract animation to create a story with my own shapes. I was not as complex as he was in the film but I took notes on how each shape was moving through the entire film. I try to fuse the same maneuvers as Walter did in his film to create a similar version as his work. There were in the film where shapes were moving diagonal , horizontal and vertical; As shown in my animation I did the same where my shapes were going vertical , horizontal and diagonal from diverse areas. My strongest motion is when I added the combination of the blue and white shapes in the animation. I started to get the hang of using two shape in the animation, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to see if I can use more than two shapes. I incorporated the shapes at the same time to see how it would look. The piece created harmony between the two colored shapes where they are moving together as one. Throughout the entire abstract animation, I felt my entire piece was strong. But, I mostly focus on the middle, where I frame the blue shapes, to the ending as all four shapes were joined. The enjoyment of watching my animation and fixing it was the fun of the part of this project because I was not use to animating before; learning about other artist such as Walter Ruttmann and seeing multiple perspectives shows a large lesson that there are many ways to see and interpret art. Creating my first abstract animation enable me to have experience and creativity to what I am capable of making.


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