Studio Work


  1. The color of the image draws your attention. The horizon of the trees looks very calm in the back ground and calmly goes with the sunset view. The “Cotton-Candy” view brightens up the entire image as you looking at it. I use similar styles shown in the image where I added three-dimensional stars in the sky  to capture the first thing you look at once you see the photograph. The three-dimensional shape bowl in the artwork was something I wanted to play with to make the house.  
  2. The baseball field image caught my eyes when the sunset align with the clouds to give life to the image. In the artwork I use to the pen tool to play around with the clouds. The image of the baseball field looked very three-dimensional and that where I wanted to use the 3D rotate mode to imitate the field.
  3. The three-dimensional wireframe on the artwork grabbed my attention once I seen a similarity on the image. I wanted to freely enjoy working on this particular piece where you see there is a lot going on in the image but you want capture the important ones. I use gradient to imitate the sky of the image on my artwork.
  4. I wanted to bring life to this image by showing it through my artwork. The clouds and the sky are communicating with one another as they are shifting and migrating to the right. As you take your eyes to the field and see the lights gleaming on the field, this made me want to add the field similar as I lighten up on the field because you mostly see the red.
  5. The sun was a key component in this artwork where everything in this image is bright. As you take a look in my artwork I wanted to add a ray of sunshine to the artwork. I try to imitate and have fun with the trees and flowers blooming in the image.
  6. The artwork shows a different interpretation of what is going on in the image. Using different tools and color in this piece made me enjoy this artwork than the rest.  
  7. I use the pen tool to draw out what I see from the image.   
  8. The value and space of this image created was to easily spread out the flow of what I wanted to reanimate.  

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